The Second Chance program is a subsidiary initiative of Listening Friends of America. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of those with the drive and potential to change.


Our Mission

Here at Second Chance, we believe that anyone can be redeemed, if they have the will to change. We are committed to advocating on behalf of individuals who have been underserved by the criminal justice system, with a special focus on those in death penalty states and those with treatable psychiatric conditions who have not received sufficient care.

Our unique program helps identify low-risk offenders who have the potential to live healthy, productive lives if they are given proper treatment and support. Our highly trained staff works together to rehabilitate and facilitate reentry for individuals with the potential to turn their lives around. We are overseen by a board of professionals committed to the advancement of justice, and rely on the support of many regional, state, and national partnerships.

Our Approach

Second Chance works directly with state correctional systems and mental healthcare facilities to identify individuals who meet our unique criteria for rehabilitation. Candidates are rigorously assessed by a panel of experts to determine their suitability for and potential responsiveness to treatment.

When a candidate is selected, they are transferred to one of our secure facilities where they receive intensive psychological counseling, workforce reentry training, life skills assistance, and other resources to assist with a successful transition back into society. We pride ourselves in offering residents world-class care, including nutritious cuisine and recreation activities designed to advance rehabilitation. We also provide support to residents who wish to pursue further legal action or alternative medical care.


Our Success Stories

“No one understood that I needed help, not punishment, but Second Chance did. They connected me with the treatment and support I needed to heal and become a productive member of society. I'm back on my feet thanks to them.”

Cory J., Former Patient

“I thought I would never have a chance to make things right. Thanks to Second Chance, I can make amends. Now I’m working hard to make a difference in the world so that others don’t go through what I went through.”

Greta A., Former Patient

“Without Second Chance, I probably would’ve self-destructed within a year. They saw something in me worth saving, and I’ll always be grateful to them for giving me a new purpose in life.”

DeAndre Phillips, Former Patient


Our Partners


Brighter Horizons Institute

Center for Change and Reconciliation

G.C. Georgia Psychiatric Care

East Arkansas School of Social Work

Francis, Francis, and Francis

Jacobs-Johansson Psychiatric Clinic

Lawrence Law

Massi and Patel, Attorneys at Law

Mississippi Correctional Coalition

Norman D. Newland, Esq.

Olney-Austen Counseling Group

Southwestern States Correctional Initiative

Portman Peabody Group

Texas Institute for Justice

Wyoming State Hinkman School of Law

Zelinsky and Tse, Attorneys at Law